Delicious data, smart agriculture: Caglayan Arkan explores the use of IoT in food production

Sep 2, 2015   |   Microsoft IoT

Smart, technologically driven production isn’t just for computer components and manufactured goods; it can also be used to bring innovation and specialization in agriculture. Caglayan Arkan, general manager of the Worldwide Manufacturing & Resources group, describes how the Internet of Things (IoT) can be used to help farmers control the numerous variables that can influence crop production.

Arkan explores two Microsoft collaborations, one with Fujitsu to produce lettuce that’s optimized for kidney patients, and one with the Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency to help California farmers reclaim water to continue growing food during the ongoing drought. By combining automated tools for data collection with in-depth analysis, growers can monitor and manage more variables than ever — from soil composition to light exposure — to adapt to adverse conditions or control nutrient balances. This helps farmers conserve valuable resources while meeting the demands of agricultural consumers, which ultimately promises tastier and more healthful food for all of us. Check out Arkan’s blog to learn more.