At WPC, Microsoft helps businesses transform data into intelligent action

It’s been a thrilling day for those of us who care about big data, advanced analytics and cloud computing. In a series of significant product and program announcements today at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, we underscored our ongoing commitment to build the intelligent cloud platform, providing our partners and customers with powerful new tools to help them transform data into intelligent action and reinvent their business processes.

Onstage in Orlando, Satya Nadella announced Cortana Analytics Suite, which represents the culmination of years of research and innovation in advanced analytics. With Cortana Analytics Suite, our customers will have unparalleled advanced analytics capabilities—such as machine learning, big data storage and processing and perceptual intelligence—to turn data into intelligent action, including mining value from the devices, sensors and services within the Internet of Things (IoT).

Cortana Analytics Suite represents the culmination of years of research and innovation in advanced analytics.

North American Eagle is using data analytics to set a world record; watch the video.

Set that technology in motion—going more than 700 miles an hour, in fact—and you’ve got a vivid illustration of what Cortana Analytics can do. Joining Satya today was Brandyn Bayes, from the North American Eagle project. Bayes and the team have rebuilt an F-104 Lockheed “Starfighter” into a high-velocity, jet-powered three-wheeled car. We first brought you their story several weeks ago; this fall they’ll attempt to break the current land-speed world record of 763 miles per hour. It’s an incredible demonstration of the power of data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT)—when the “thing” is a cloud-connected rocket car. Take a look at the video to see it in action, and visit North American Eagle’s Kickstarter page to make a contribution to this tremendous effort.

Dartmouth-Hitchcock seeks to revolutionize healthcare with data insights and machine intelligence.

Beyond transforming a single enterprise or project like North American Eagle, Cortana Analytics has the potential to transform an entire industry, as we saw in today’s story about Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health Systems. A group of physicians with a vision for revolutionizing the U.S. healthcare system have created a technology platform, ImagineCare, that is allowing them to deliver an unprecedented level of personalized healthcare. The story and video show the remarkable result.

We know that our partners are key to making technology solutions like these a reality, so today, we also announced three new programs to give our partners new ways to help their customers benefit from the cloud. These programs provide partners with everything from direct provisioning, billing and support of Microsoft Cloud Services, to an Azure Mentor Program that allow service providers to deliver hybrid cloud to more customers. You can read much more about these programs and find links here.

I’ve never been more enthusiastic about our ability to empower the enterprise with advanced analytics and the power of the cloud. I’ll be leading two sessions here at WPC later this week (“Create the Internet of Your Things: The Microsoft vision for IoT” and “The Microsoft data platform: The opportunity is bigger than you may think”). Click here for more on Microsoft’s vision for data analytics. I look forward to seeing you in Orlando.