Addressing interoperability in IoT

Jun 15, 2015   |   Microsoft IoT

According to a recent report by The World Economic Forum, one of the greatest barriers keeping businesses from adopting the Internet of Things (IoT) is the lack of interoperability or standards, which can significantly increase complexity and cost.

One industry that is addressing this issue is manufacturing; the service-oriented architectures used in many manufacturing systems are based on the OPC standard, which enables rich connectivity between data sources. On the Discrete Manufacturing blog today, Rohit Bhargava, Microsoft’s CTO, Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing, Enterprise and Partner Group, writes about why this is becoming increasingly critical.

“Leveraging these standards in place, together with new IoT capabilities, enables companies to deliver new value-added services without waiting for long term retrofits of the industrial base,” writes Bhargava. “And there are very real risks for those organizations who move too slowly to embrace this change.”

Read the full post here, and read more about how Microsoft Azure IoT services simplify interoperability via the OPC UA here.

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