Monitoring sensors with Power BI

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Microsoft’s open-source project,, makes it possible to connect the tiniest of devices and sensors to Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) services. For example, using just a Windows Phone or a maker board (such as Arduino UNO or DUE, a Raspberry Pi, a Gadgeteer kit or an Intel Galileo), developers can build end-to-end IoT solutions that apply analytics or machine learning to real data coming from sensors or the cloud.

Now, the Microsoft Open Tech team has integrated ConnectTheDots with Power BI, to enable real-time monitoring, analysis and visualization of data using powerful and flexible dashboards. Spyros Sakellariadis, senior director of Open Source Partner Alliances at Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc., posted a blog post with details on how to create a few example dashboards, including ones that monitor sound, heartrate and weather data (because, as Sakellariadis writes, “everyone at some point of time in their exploration of IoT creates a weather station. Don’t know why.”). Check out the full post on the Power BI Developer Blog.

A Power BI dashboard for visualizing weather data
A Power BI dashboard for visualizing weather data

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