Rockwell Automation update: Moving from insight to action with Azure IoT services

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I was honored to be on stage at Convergence this morning, joining Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to share a demonstration of how Rockwell Automation is implementing  the Internet of Things (IoT), including the use of Azure-powered data insights with a line-of-business application and a Power BI dashboard of critical, centrally managed assets.

We first told the Rockwell Automation story a few months ago. Back then, we shared their end-to-end approach that is transforming the operations of its customers in the petroleum industry — as well as the entire oil and gas supply chain. From the ocean floor to the gas pump on the corner, Rockwell Automation is using the Internet of Things (IoT) to light up traditional pump, transport and metering equipment with cloud-connected sensors, and harness data that provides new forms of insight and value even they didn’t expect at the time.

Now, the journey continues, and it’s not just about hydrocarbons. As we shared today, Rockwell Automation is using a range of Microsoft technologies, including Azure IoT services, to facilitate a broader data strategy that is bringing actionable, predictive information to its customers across industry segments:

  •  Azure HDInsight to manage and analyze massive amounts of data on Hadoop;
  • Azure Machine Learning to build planning and maintenance capabilities that move data insights into the realm of predictive analytics;
  • Azure Data Factory to manage complex interactions across multiple systems;
  • Azure SQL Database features such as varied service tiers depending on customer needs, and geo-redundant, point-in-time restore capabilities for critical workloads.

With this real-time view of the operation of machinery in far-flung and isolated regions, Rockwell Automation is making it possible for businesses to remotely monitor assets across the supply chain, from extraction to logistics, refinement to retail — and even predict potential problems and costly failures before they happen.

Check out the video above for more, and stay tuned for updates as Rockwell Automation and Microsoft continue to find new opportunities to transform industrial automation.

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