Why you should get started in IoT, from the man who coined the term

 |   Microsoft IoT

If there’s anyone who should know the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) for businesses, it’s Kevin Ashton: he coined the term more than 10 years ago. In a new post on the Microsoft for Work blog, he and Frank Burkitt, senior executive advisor at Strategy&, share insights from their own experience with IoT.

What matters most? As Burkitt puts it, “It’s not the devices,” but the processes and strategy that help businesses transform their operations.

“The more real-time data you get into a business like retail … the more process improvements you have. You do things you do now better, and stop doing things you do now in favor of something completely different,” Ashton points out. We couldn’t agree more.

Both Ashton and Burkitt point to the importance of starting small, with your own value proposition and assets. But above all, they advise: Don’t wait to get started.

Check out the full post on the Microsoft for Work blog.

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