Next up for healthcare analytics: machine learning

 |   Microsoft IoT

The hottest topic in health is this days is big data, and how best to use it to help improve health – both of individual patients and of entire populations. We’ve made major progress into deriving real meaning from healthcare analytics, thanks to cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT); on the Microsoft Health blog today, Neil Jordan, general manager of Health Worldwide for Microsoft shares what he believes lies in the future.

“The next step on the healthcare analytics journey is taking advantage of machine learning to go beyond clinical data and combine information from the growing number of data sources, so we can get even smarter about predicting not only individual outcomes, but also big-picture trends in population health.”

Jordan describes a solution in Norway that combines weather data with clinical data to predict previously unrecognized patterns for people with chronic diseases; for instance, whether cold weather affects people with diabetes in certain ways. “Think of all the possibilities for how we’ll be able to use new insights from combined data to affect behavioral change at an individual and systemic level,” writes Jordan. “I couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds.” Read the full post on the Microsoft Health blog.

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