A new spin on IoT

 |   Microsoft IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) can create impact on a grand scale, transforming everything from buildings to massive, robot-powered factories to rush-hour traffic in major cities. But sometimes, it’s the smaller IoT solutions that really capture the imagination—as they scale out to create real, measurable value.

That’s certainly true for WASH Laundry, a traditionally low-tech business that’s reaping big rewards from integrating IoT technologies into their coin-op washing machines. WASH connected its machines to the Internet, then mined data on price and machine use, analyzing it with Power BI. This enables them to fine-tune the price set on each machine in near-real-time, to find the sweet spot between maximizing profit and keeping customers from washing elsewhere.

With more than a half million machines in use, even the smallest change in price can scale out to big profits—and WASH is really cleaning up. Read the full story on the Microsoft for Business blog.


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