Power BI makes data insights easy and accessible

 |   Microsoft IoT

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Deriving deep meaning from business data just got a lot easier, thanks to today’s release of the new Power BI. The cloud-based, business analytics service puts easy-to-use tools into the hands of non-technical business users. It’s a powerful component of Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) services, since harnessing and utilizing data are the driving force—and the ultimate goal of—any IoT solution.

The new, enhanced Power BI enables customers to connect to their data in minutes, tapping into a dashboard via any browser or the Power BI mobile app. Interactive visual reports allow users to deeply explore their business data, enabling insights that help them become more productive and competitive.

“With Power BI, customers can wring every drop of value from each byte of their data,” writes James Phillips, Microsoft’s general manager of Data Experiences. “Whether it’s in a datacenter, private cloud, our public cloud—or a combination of all three—customers who store their data in the Microsoft platform stand to realize a greater data dividend than with any other vendor.”

Read the full story on the Official Microsoft Blog. You can preview the new Power BI by signing up for a free account; learn more here.

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