Creating healthier cities with IoT

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We’ve shared some compelling illustrations lately of how Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can have a positive impact on patient care in healthcare settings … everything from real-time data access for improved tracking of patients’ conditions … to an intelligent bedside system that helps patients stay in touch with loved ones while receiving treatment … to a medication delivery system that puts needed prescriptions into the hands of patients 60 percent faster.

Download the white paper to learn more about CityNext Healthier Cities solutions
Download the white paper to learn more about Microsoft Healthier Cities solutions

But viewed through a broader lens, IoT’s potential in the health industry can be seen as transformative to health—not of just a single patient, a single hospital or even a single healthcare system, but of an entire city.

“Imagine a city in which the health and care of citizens are supported by smart devices and sensors, whether in homes, hospitals or community centers,” writes Elena Bonfiglioli, who is senior director of the health industry for Microsoft’s EMEA region. “Imagine technology that enables ubiquitous mobile experiences for healthier lifestyles of citizens.”

Writing on the Microsoft in Health blog today, Bonfiglioli notes that with advances in IoT technologies, “city authorities will be able to not only provide healthier places to live, they’ll be able to share integrated, meaningful data with providers and other government entities across the healthcare ecosystem to help improve public health and clinical outcomes, drive prevention campaigns, and enable continuous transformation in healthcare.”

Read Bonfiglioli’s full post here, and see more about IoT in health here.

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