A Look Inside: Enabling Forest Protection and Education through Microsoft’s Offset Investments

As part of Microsoft’s commitment to carbon neutrality, we have selected a carbon offset portfolio which enables us to not only reduce our direct carbon emissions, but also delivers a range of benefits from biodiversity protection, to health and well-being improvements for families, to food security and job creation.  In this blog we consider how […]

This Week in Sustainability: On Super Bowl Week, the Seattle Seahawks and New York Both Go Green

This week, Triple Pundit looked at how one of the teams fighting for this year’s Super Bowl is also improving its environmental impact. The piece notes that over the past decade the Seattle Seahawks and their home stadium CenturyLink Field created the Defend Your Turf program, looking to engage in initiatives in four key areas: […]

This Week in Sustainability: The Future of Corporate Social Responsibility and Its Benefits

This week, The Guardian Sustainable Business looked at how sustainability professionals can learn from the values-based management approach used to make workplace safety so important in the business world. As the piece points out, in 1970, improved workplace practices and training sessions were responsible for on-the-job fatalities dropping from as high as 14,000 in 1970 […]

Data Visualization Reaches New Heights with Layerscape

Microsoft Research has just released a new way to convey earth-science concepts. It’s called Layerscape, a data visualization engine that was originally developed as WorldWide Telescope (WWT), an astronomical observatory housed within your PC. WWT was and is a wonderful tool for exploring the heavens, but WWT has expanded beyond astronomy, adding, among other things, a careful […]