Global Impact

World Water Day 2017 – Transforming the Way the World Uses Water

Tomorrow is World Water Day, and in honor of that day, we want to recognize all that water does for us that we don’t usually see. Much of the world’s water is hard at work in the production and delivery of nearly all goods and services, from apples to zippers. And the amount of water […]

Our Commitment to A Carbon-Neutral Future

This week, I attended the 22nd session of the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP 22) in Marrakesh, Morocco, where I was proud to speak about Microsoft’s actions to work towards a more sustainable, low-carbon future at several events and with representatives from around the world. One of the common themes has been the role of […]

On Location: How Microsoft’s Carbon Fee is Empowering Communities in Africa

While climate change has become an increasingly critical and highly-discussed topic in first world nations, many developing nations are facing the most immediate impacts of extreme and changing weather patterns. These countries are facing severe challenges such as agricultural damage and displacement due to floods and widespread drought. As many living in these countries are […]

Microsoft Announces Two New Partnerships that Leverage Cloud Capabilities for Smarter Energy Policy and Deployment

The Paris climate accord is on pace to enter into force well ahead of schedule. Now, the world’s attention is shifting to the immense task of formulating strategies and solutions that will allow countries to reduce their carbon emissions. Addressing climate change will require action not only from these national governments, but also from private […]

For Earth Day—Improving Efficiency and Sustainability Worldwide

Today is Earth Day, and it’s a particularly momentous occasion this year: representatives of more than 130 nations, including the United States, are gathered in New York City to sign the international climate accord (COP21) that was reached last December in Paris. As I wrote then, COP21 was a truly historic event for helping secure […]

How a Voluntary Carbon Fee is Helping Microsoft and the Planet

Microsoft’s global operations have been 100 percent carbon neutral since July 2012—a significant accomplishment made possible by holding ourselves accountable through a voluntary internal carbon fee. This month, in an editorial column for Huffington Post’s What’s Working series, I discussed how we implement the carbon fee at Microsoft and invest the funds collected to achieve […]

A New Global Climate Agreement: How Technology Will Help Us Reach COP21’s Goals

The agreement reached in Paris at COP21 sends a clear and unmistakable message—the world is committed to taking action to ensure a more sustainable future. Leaders from around the globe have come together in cooperation to create a framework that will help speed the transition to a more resource-efficient, low-carbon society. This global commitment provides […]

Microsoft Joins RE100 Initiative In Support of Renewable Energy

With the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP21)  beginning this week in Paris, Microsoft is pleased to announce that we’ve reaffirmed our own commitment to renewable energy by joining RE100, a collaborative initiative of influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. The goal of the RE100 initiative is to create a market that will help to deliver the emissions […]

Helping Wildlife Conservation, One Processor at a Time

Climate change is altering life for every species on the planet, changing their habitats and patterns of behavior. To better understand how various species are attempting to adapt to climate change, biologists and conservationists need data. But this data is often difficult to collect, as it requires tracking wildlife in remote areas. By leveraging the […]

Microsoft Honored as 2015 Lighthouse Activity by UNFCCC’s Momentum for Change Initiative

Today, we are pleased and honored to announce that Microsoft recognized as a 2015 Lighthouse Activity winner by the UN’s Framework Convention on Climate Change’s  (UNFCCC) Momentum for Change initiative for our work in establishing an internal carbon fee. Making Global Progress The carbon fee has been honored in the ‘Financing for Climate Friendly Investment’ […]