First solar deal in India continues Microsoft’s support for advanced energy in APAC

| Rob Bernard, Chief Environmental Strategist, and Katie Ross, Sustainability Program Manager at Microsoft

MS Office Bangalore

As Microsoft seeks to increase our use of renewable energy around the world, we are excited to share news about a new project to power more of our global operations with renewable electricity. Last week, we announced our first clean energy project for our datacenters in Singapore and today, we are excited to share another new addition to our global solar portfolio in India.

Microsoft will purchase solar-powered electricity from Atria Power, which will power most of our new office building in Bangalore for a nine-year term. This is not only our first renewable energy deal in India, but it is also our first international deal aimed at powering some of our office buildings in Asia with renewable energy.

As we discussed last week, when we buy clean energy in the countries where we operate, we are hoping to support a local clean energy economy—enhancing the country’s ability to provide reliable power to every resident, while also making progress on reducing carbon emissions towards Paris Accord targets.

While the challenge of how to achieve sustainable growth is a global one, it is felt acutely in places like India. There are positive signs in ongoing economic growth and an expanding middle class. Yet, the electricity providing this growth is primarily from fossil fuels like coal – and 240 million do not have access to electricity. For India to continue to grow, the country must deliver more electricity to its population, while transforming its grid to be increasingly powered by clean energy.

We believe every megawatt counts. So, while this deal, and even our operations, are a very small percentage of India’s overall energy consumption, it demonstrates our commitment to doing our part in helping green the grid in places where we operate.

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