New SR-520 Bridge Will Help Create a More Sustainable Seattle

Photo credit: Washington State Department of Transportation’s video “Virtual Tour of the New SR 520 Floating Bridge.” (Click the image to view the video.)

On Saturday the new SR-520 Bridge opens in Seattle—the result of a successful public-private partnership that will reduce traffic congestion and help protect the environment.

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, the bridge’s new HOV lanes and “smart highway” technology will improve traffic flow across Lake Washington, resulting in a projected 10 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. This is good for our community and the planet.

As Microsoft’s President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith wrote today on Microsoft’s On the Issues blog:

“These reductions complement Microsoft’s existing focus on traffic congestion and pollution. We run several programs to enable environmentally friendly commutes, and as a result, 42 percent of Microsoft employees use a form of transportation other than driving alone for their daily commute.”

Read Brad Smith’s full commentary on the new SR-520 Bridge and what it means for Seattle here.

You can learn about other investments Microsoft has made to reduce our carbon footprint and green our company’s own operations—including employee commuting—here.

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