How a Voluntary Carbon Fee is Helping Microsoft and the Planet

| TJ DiCaprio

Microsoft’s global operations have been 100 percent carbon neutral since July 2012—a significant accomplishment made possible by holding ourselves accountable through a voluntary internal carbon fee.

This month, in an editorial column for Huffington Post’s What’s Working series, I discussed how we implement the carbon fee at Microsoft and invest the funds collected to achieve net carbon neutral emissions through a combination of efficiency, renewable energy, and carbon offset community projects.

Microsoft’s carbon fee was recognized by the UNFCCC at COP21 as an innovative carbon pricing model worthy of wider replication. And recently, we were honored to receive a 2016 Climate Leadership Award for Organizational Leadership from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recognizing our work on the carbon fee and addressing climate change.

Putting a price on carbon has been successful for us, and that is why we continue to work with other organizations around the world to help them adopt this model themselves. You can read the full post on Microsoft’s internal carbon fee here.

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