November 2015

Microsoft Joins RE100 Initiative In Support of Renewable Energy

With the U.N. Climate Change Conference (COP21)  beginning this week in Paris, Microsoft is pleased to announce that we’ve reaffirmed our own commitment to renewable energy by joining RE100, a collaborative initiative of influential businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity. The goal of the RE100 initiative is to create a market that will help to deliver the emissions […]

Microsoft Announces 175 Megawatt Wind Project in Illinois is Now Operational

Just over a year ago, Microsoft announced its largest wind purchase to date: a 175 megawatt (MW) wind facility outside of Chicago that would generate more than enough energy to fully power Microsoft’s Chicago data center. Today, we’re proud to announce that the Pilot Hill Wind Project is up and running—delivering clean, renewable energy that […]

Helping Wildlife Conservation, One Processor at a Time

Climate change is altering life for every species on the planet, changing their habitats and patterns of behavior. To better understand how various species are attempting to adapt to climate change, biologists and conservationists need data. But this data is often difficult to collect, as it requires tracking wildlife in remote areas. By leveraging the […]