Microsoft CityNext at Smart City Expo

| Josh Henretig

0508_clip_image002_thumb_072A6079Today marks the beginning of the 2014 Smart City Expo World Congress, hosted in Barcelona, a city that prides itself on creating many smart city best practices.

This event has grown significantly since its inception, reflecting the growing momentum around smart cities. We’ve seen similar momentum with Microsoft CityNext, with over 220 official Microsoft CityNext partners delivering over 800 city solutions, and a growing number of stories on the impact that cities have seen. During the week-long event, Microsoft will have the opportunity to meet with our partners and the leaders from many of the cities we’ve been able to work with as they apply technology to drive transformation.

On the Microsoft Green Blog, we tend to look at smart cities from an environmental sustainability perspective, but there are a number of other considerations that go into the development of a smart city. Check out this CityNext post for a more in-depth look into the Smart City Expo and keep checking back on the CityNext blog space for more ongoing information about what Microsoft and its partners are doing to help cities around the world.


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