November 2014

Carnegie Mellon’s Energy Sleuths: Using Data for More Sustainable Buildings

Nearly 70 percent of all electricity in the United States goes toward building operations—heating and cooling systems, lighting, ventilation and plug loads—and over 80 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in the world come from buildings. Researchers in the “living lab” at Carnegie Mellon’s Intelligent Workplace are working to determine how they can use data to […]

Microsoft CityNext at Smart City Expo

Today marks the beginning of the 2014 Smart City Expo World Congress, hosted in Barcelona, a city that prides itself on creating many smart city best practices. This event has grown significantly since its inception, reflecting the growing momentum around smart cities. We’ve seen similar momentum with Microsoft CityNext, with over 220 official Microsoft CityNext […]

Keechi Wind Project: One Year Later

One year ago, Microsoft announced our first power purchase agreement (PPA) for wind energy in Texas. This agreement was a significant milestone in our commitment to carbon neutrality and also showcases how our internal carbon fee is shifting how we are able to build environmental sustainability into our long-term business planning. When we announced the […]

Microsoft’s Biogas-Powered Data Plant Opens in Wyoming –

Two years ago, we announced a partnership with a number of private and public sector partners to build the first zero-carbon datacenter, called a Data Plant—a fuel cell-powered datacenter that simplifies the power distribution infrastructure by bringing together the power plant with the datacenter to radically improve efficiency. We are excited to announce that yesterday, […]