Microsoft Grants Promote Innovative Datacenter and Energy Efficiency Work

| Josh Henretig

Apgtitle_seif2014t Microsoft, we are continuously working to pursue the goal of transforming the energy supply chain toward radically greater efficiency and reduced environmental impact. Partnerships are one way to accomplish this, as shown through initiatives like the wind project in Texas and our new partnership with the University of Texas San Antonio’s Sustainable Energy Research Institute (SERI).

Given the large role that datacenters play in the energy supply chain, we are encouraging new innovations in this area in a number of ways. This year, our annual grant contest for the Software Engineering Innovation Foundation (SEIF), which issues grants to teams across the world to support numerous types of research in software engineering, was expanded to include applications related to datacenter innovation and energy efficiency. To learn more about the four datacenter research grant winners and their topics, check out Sean James’s Global Foundation Services (GFS) blog post

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