Greenspotting: Microsoft Transforms Energy into Data – Video Interview with Brian Janous

| Josh Henretig

“We take energy, and we transform that into data.” Brian Janous, Microsoft’s director of energy strategy, discusses how Microsoft’s work with datacenters fits into both its energy strategy and its overall environmental sustainability strategy. Brian, who previously spent much of his career working in the energy sector, joined Microsoft because he believed it was at the nexus of energy and IT, two industries currently going through great changes. Datacenters make up a large portion of Microsoft’s carbon footprint. And as Brian shares in this video interview, he has discovered that his work on energy aligns significantly with Microsoft’s sustainability strategy.

YouTube Video

This video blog series was developed to highlight people at Microsoft who are helping to implement the environmental strategy across all areas of the company. Check back as we post new videos each month that profile some of the fascinating individuals who are helping to make Microsoft a more sustainable company.

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