Celebrating One Year with the Climate Declaration

| Josh Henretig

One year ago today, Ceres and its B2703.climatedeclaration_thumb_04BD4E0A coalition launched the Climate Declaration, a nonpartisan statement from the business community that “tackling climate change is one of America’s greatest economic opportunities of the 21st Century.” Microsoft is a proud signatory of the Climate Declaration, and we strongly agree that innovation has an essential role to play in responding to the threat of climate change.

Today, there are more than 750 companies of all sizes that have signed on to the Climate Declaration. This major growth from the original 33 signatories demonstrates that businesses across industries, from Gap to Starbucks to Seventh Generation, are committed to addressing climate change.

At Microsoft, we believe that climate change is a serious issue that demands immediate, worldwide attention. We are dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment, and are doing so through organizational commitments like carbon neutrality, and through public-private partnerships like President Obama’s Climate Data Initiative. We believe one of the greatest things we can bring to the fight against climate change is our expertise on the role software and technology can play in reducing carbon emissions.

Microsoft is working to advance public policies that promote the use of IT solutions to advance energy efficiency, spur innovation and economic opportunity, and contribute to practical strategies for mitigating climate change.

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