U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Report Highlights Microsoft Carbon Neutrality Efforts

| Josh Henretig

7183.image_thumb_6B4140D7The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center (CCC) has released a new report featuring more than 25 business success stories, including Microsoft, showing how companies are addressing energy and water challenges in their operations and supply chains.

The Chamber of Commerce Foundation report, “Achieving Energy and Water Security: Scalable Solutions from the Private Sector,” showcases Microsoft’s commitment to carbon neutrality and internal carbon fee, a mechanism we use to achieve net-zero emissions for our data centers, offices, software development labs, and employee air travel. The carbon fee, which is company-wide, provides a financial framework for building carbon neutrality commitments into core business decisions.

The report is particularly timely since World Water Day was on March 22. Companies like American Water are featured in the report for finding ways to use water with greater efficiency in ways that will ultimately save energy, leading to a decrease in carbon emissions. Meanwhile, others are finding scalable energy solutions. The Anheuser-Busch brewery in Fairfield, Calif., for example, is using wind turbine and solar power to provide for some of its energy needs.

Tomorrow, March 25 at 10am PT/1pm ET, join the CCC and GreenBiz for a webinar featuring The Dow Chemical Company, MGM Resorts International, and Alcoa Inc. to explore how these companies are accelerating and scaling solutions to energy and water challenges. And of course please check back here on the Green Blog for updates on Microsoft’s work around carbon neutrality and reducing its environmental footprint.

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