Microsoft Research’s ZooTracer Helps Scientists Understand Migration Patterns

| Josh Henretig

This past week the Computational Ecology and Environmental Sciences (CEES) group at Microsoft Research released ZooTracer, a desktop tool that can be used to trace animal movement through consumer video equipment. ZooTracer is one example of a project that helps scientists better understand the migration patterns and behavior analysis of animals, bees and other species in habitats around the world. This animal tracking tool is an important step to address and understand fundamental ecological and environmental problems.

Microsoft is committed to using the power of technology to accelerate research breakthroughs that address environmental challenges. In the past year alone, MSR’s Computational Ecology group has created a computer model of terrestrial and marine ecosystems and partnered with major U.S. universities to better understand biodiversity protection.

Today the Inside Microsoft Research blog has more on ZooTracer from Lucas Joppa, one of the main scientists involved in this project. We encourage you to check it out and learn more.

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