March 2014

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Report Highlights Microsoft Carbon Neutrality Efforts

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center (CCC) has released a new report featuring more than 25 business success stories, including Microsoft, showing how companies are addressing energy and water challenges in their operations and supply chains. The Chamber of Commerce Foundation report, “Achieving Energy and Water Security: Scalable Solutions from the Private […]

How Microsoft Research is Lending a Hand for Climate Change Study

While it can be difficult to accurately predict the weather, you can predict and address the impacts of climate change by looking at past and present observational data. As computing power grows exponentially, Big Data is becoming an increasingly important tool for helping scientists predict the long-term impacts of climate change, such as the likelihood […]

This Week in Sustainability: Decreasing Carbon Footprints, From Buildings to Batteries

This week, The Guardian reported on new research in nanotechnology that seeks to make batteries even smaller, spurred by Tesla Motors’ plans to build a ‘giga-factory’ for lithium-ion batteries with the goal of halving battery prices by 2020. No matter what size the battery is, this technology would lead to faster charging and higher storage […]

Off the Grid and in the Classroom

In recent years Microsoft has increased its awareness and activities around sustainability, from our corporate headquarters in Redmond to our furthest reaching offices around the world. With this commitment, we’ve seen an increased interest from employees across the company in sustainable projects and efforts taking place both at Microsoft and also in other industries. Mark […]

Microsoft Makes Commitment to Manufacturing and Supply Chain Sustainability

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are pleased to report that Microsoft’s supply chain for hardware and packaging (Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Information Services (MSCIS)) was ISO 14001 certified this month. Though we have had a longstanding commitment to supply chain sustainability, including a strict Supplier Code of Conduct that requires Microsoft suppliers […]

Microsoft Research’s ZooTracer Helps Scientists Understand Migration Patterns

This past week the Computational Ecology and Environmental Sciences (CEES) group at Microsoft Research released ZooTracer, a desktop tool that can be used to trace animal movement through consumer video equipment. ZooTracer is one example of a project that helps scientists better understand the migration patterns and behavior analysis of animals, bees and other species […]