This Week in Sustainability: Sustainability Innovation from the United Kingdom to Singapore

| Josh Henretig

SGThis week, Earth Techling looked at a new kite-like tidal power device from UK-based company Minesto, which was recently awarded additional funding from the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change. The new technology is named Deep Green and essentially flies through the water as an attached spinning turbine generates power. The device’s design includes a hydrodynamic wing and a swivel that enables it to freely move through changing tidal currents. While the technology has already been undergoing trials, this new funding enables those trials to be extended and hopefully bring the device to commercial fruition.

Of course, the UK isn’t the only country experimenting with new approaches to sustainability. According to a GreenBiz piece, Singapore is becoming a “living laboratory” for sustainability. Because of the country’s small size and lack of natural resources, Singapore has been a hotbed for testing new sustainable urban planning innovations. One area of focus: Sustainable housing development, which the country’s Housing and Development Board and Panasonic have worked together on to find energy management solutions. Additionally, because Singapore’s island geography prevents outward urban development, innovations have looked to develop the country’s underground system as well. This includes developing a complex tunnel system for the subway, waste management, power networks and oil storage. But ultimately, according to Goh Chee Kiong, executive director of the Singapore Economic Development Board and author of the article, “cities are humanity’s future” and taking note of the challenges existing in urban environments today is essential for a sustainable future.

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