February 2014

This Week in Sustainability: Sustainability Innovation from the United Kingdom to Singapore

This week, Earth Techling looked at a new kite-like tidal power device from UK-based company Minesto, which was recently awarded additional funding from the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change. The new technology is named Deep Green and essentially flies through the water as an attached spinning turbine generates power. The device’s design includes […]

Collaborating on Natural Capital

Microsoft greatly values partnerships and recognizes that, particularly in areas that have a global impact like environmental sustainability, collaborative efforts are essential to having a greater lasting impact. Tomorrow at the GreenBiz Forum in Scottsdale, Arizona, Microsoft will join others in launching the Natural Capital Business Hub, an online platform that will help facilitate collaboration […]

This Week in Sustainability: New Developments in Renewable Energy

This week, Mother Nature Network penned a story looking at how a former German air raid bunker has been repurposed as a renewable energy facility. The building, which had sat unused for decades, was transformed by the International Building Exhibition Hamburg, a group dedicated to turning abandoned buildings in Hamburg into carbon-conscious structures. This time, […]

A Look Inside: Microsoft’s Impact on Biodiversity through Offset Investments

Last fall we shared details of our carbon offset strategy here on the Microsoft Green Blog, giving you some insight into the programs and projects underway as a direct result of our internal carbon fee and Microsoft’s commitment to carbon neutrality. As we noted then, we’ve chosen to invest in carbon offsets because, in addition […]

This Week in Sustainability: The Next Generation of Battery Technology

This week, Treehugger looked at new battery management technology that could increase the capacity of lithium-ion batteries by an astounding 40 percent. Created by a father-and-son team of an electrical engineer and a university chemistry student, the technology manages the energy in a lithium-ion battery, enabling it to store more energy, extend its life and […]

A Major Step Forward: Combining the Fuel Cell and the Server

Last November we announced a new proof-of-concept datacenter that brought the power plant inside the datacenter by mounting fuel cells directly onto the datacenter’s server racks. Less than three months later, fuel cell datacenters have taken a major step forward to becoming a reality, following a success demonstration of the concept at the National Fuel […]