November 2013

This Week in Sustainability: Energy Efficient Cloud Computing and a New Tool for Clean Energy Investment

This week, Environmental Leader reported on how companies can compare the carbon emissions across their entire cloud ecosystem. This can help companies better manage cloud services by deciding when to use cloud services versus on-premise computing. Because cloud computing can serve more customers and offer better economies of scale, the cloud is very often more […]

With ChronoZoom, the History of Climate Change Becomes Clearer

What if scientists could visualize changes to the planet’s climate over time in order to better understand the sources of human-caused climate change today? A scientist at the University of California at Santa Barbara (USCB) is turning to ChronoZoom, an educational tool for teachers and students who want to put historical events in perspective, to […]

This Week in Sustainability: Energy 3.0 and Wisdom of Crowds for Future Smart Cities

This week The Guardian added to the conversation of how harnessing Big Data can lead to more efficient, sustainable cities. Author Rudy Provoost, president of the Rexel Foundation, which aims to improve access to energy efficiency, looked at the intersection of digital technology and energy, which he calls ‘Energy 3.0.’ At the heart of Energy […]

Bringing the Power Plant Inside the Datacenter

Last week we announced a 20-year deal to purchase wind energy in Texas as part of our commitment to powering our datacenters from cleaner energy sources. But designing datacenters that use less energy is still a top priority for Microsoft. That’s why our Global Foundation Services team, in partnership with Microsoft Research, is exploring a […]

This Week in Sustainability: Natural Asset Stock Exchange and a New Sustainable Investing Institute

This week Greentech Media offered insight into a new exchange that will enable trading of environmental services—think of it as Wall Street for forests. The system is being developed by the Intrinsic Value Exchange (IVE), an online natural asset stock exchange whose goal is to value natural and societal assets such as ecosystems and wildlife. […]

Microsoft Ireland Receives Repak’s Best Recycling Award

This October, our Microsoft Ireland team received the top honor at the 2013 Repak Recycling Awards for their efforts in packaging reduction and implementing more sustainable packaging protocols. The awards are given to organizations that have a remarkable focus and determination to implement best practices in packaging reduction. This award reflects Microsoft Ireland’s continued efforts […]

Microsoft Signing Long-Term Deal to Buy Wind Energy in Texas

Last year we announced that Microsoft would make a commitment to become carbon neutral. The cornerstone of that commitment was an internal carbon fee that’s designed to increase the company’s costs for using carbon-based forms of energy. An intended result? Buying more renewable energy and becoming more energy efficient. Today, we are pleased to announce […]