October 2013

This Week in Sustainability: Tackling Climate Change and Achieving Getting Better Mileage with Big Data

This week Economia offered some thoughts on the IPCC’S scientific assessment with a call for the business community to do more to tackle climate change. The piece, written by the Carbon Neutral Company’s Jonathan Shopley, finds that the risk to society and the economy caused by climate change should encourage industry and businesses to take […]

The Path To Zero-Waste

What does it take to get to zero waste? As reported on the blog in December, the dining facilities on Microsoft’s Puget Sound campus were certified by the Green Restaurant Organization for diverting 99 percent of food waste to recycling and compost. But we’re taking steps to reduce or divert all waste from our operations—from […]

This Week In Sustainability: Big Data-Powered Buildings and South Korea’s New Energy-Efficient Airport

This week GreenTech Media looked at how Washington, DC, is embracing Big Data analytics to achieve far greater energy efficiency across the city’s building stock. In partnership with Massachusetts-based FirstFuel, the U.S. capital city is aiming to make 30 million square feet of its buildings use less energy. The approach relies on a “virtual energy […]

Microsoft’s Environmental Action Award: Recognizing French Smart Grid Pilot

Each quarter, Microsoft gives out an Environmental Sustainability Action Award, along with a donation to an environmental charity of the winner’s choice, in recognition of image an employee or team who has shown leadership and provides an inspiring example of how Microsoft and its employees can have a positive impact and change not only on […]

This Week in Sustainability: Energy Efficient Building Software and Salt-Based Energy Storage

This week GreenBiz reported on new web-based software from startup Ekotrope that analyzes buildings as they are designed and built. During the building process architects and engineers can compare various configurations to see which options will be the most cost-effective and most energy-efficient. So far, the software has enabled builders to cut costs by two-10 […]

Microsoft’s 2013 Annual Citizenship Report and Environmental Sustainability

This week, Microsoft released its tenth annual Citizenship Report that details the company’s assessment of its citizenship work over the past fiscal year. An important piece of this report includes an overview of some of the environmental commitments and work of Microsoft. This year’s report focuses on our commitment to carbon neutrality and to reducing […]

This Week in Sustainability: Lightning-Powered Mobile Phones and Expanding Sustainable Businesses

This week Treehugger reported that researchers at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom used simulated lightning to charge a Windows Phone-based Nokia Lumia 925. By using an alternating current that gave off over 200,000 volts they were able to charge the phone successfully in a matter of seconds. Not only does this research […]