June 2013

This Week in Sustainability: President Obama’s Climate Change Plan and Global Renewable Energy Growth

In his speech on Tuesday, President Obama announced several aspects of his climate change plan, including the importance of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by power plants around the country by implementing new power plant pollution standards. The plan also includes goals for promoting more carbon-free energy sources and raising energy efficient standards […]

Maximize Your IT Energy Efficiency to Save Money—and the Planet

By Mark Aggar Government budgets are a lot like family budgets these days: there’s barely enough money to go around. In our house, we flip the light switch off to save money and energy, and there’s no reason why governments can’t do the same. Here are three ways that the public sector can “flip the […]

Reducing Emissions in Data Centers

It’s no secret that the growth in the data centers that power cloud computing have become increasingly responsible for growth in greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, some estimates put the size of the information and communications technology sector at 2 percent of global emissions. At Microsoft we recognize that, because our data centers represent a […]

This Week in Sustainability: Why Businesses Should Cut Carbon Emissions and the Private Sector’s Sustainability Role

Energy & Environment covered a new report from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) that indicates U.S. businesses can achieve huge savings on energy bills by decreasing carbon emissions by 3 percent annually through 2020. But the report also reveals it will be much harder to meet carbon reduction goals […]

Consider the Battery

At Microsoft we know a thing or two about batteries. As a devices and services company, we know that batteries are what let our customers use our devices on the go, and we work hard to optimize our software to extend battery life as long as possible. That’s what makes for a better experience across […]

Reporting from Sustainable Brands 2013

By Rob Symington I’m Rob Symington, I am part of the Environmental Sustainability team at Microsoft and work on employee engagement, web, and social media. A couple of weeks ago I attended the Sustainable Brands 2013 Conference in San Diego, California. It was packed with a cross-section of great companies like Unilever, Coca-Cola, and Intel addressing […]

This Week in Sustainability: Smart Growth Development and How Facility Data Managers Make Buildings Greener

This week, Fast Co.Exist examined the efficiency of smart growth in urban areas. A new report from Smart Growth America reviews 17 different municipalities and compares the impact of smart growth development in more concentrated urbanized areas and conventional suburban development where infrastructure is more spread out. On average, the smart growth option costs 38 […]

Fighting Wildfires with Data in Greece

As anyone who has been through an earthquake or a hurricane can tell you, natural disasters can cause significant destruction. That’s one reason why improvements in predictive technologies, which can be used to improve forecasts of weather and other natural events, have promised to dramatically improve people’s lives. In Lesvos, a picturesque Greek island situated […]

TWIS: How Spain Is Developing Smart Cities and Renewable Energy Storage

This week, NPR featured an innovative technology story on Morning Edition which featured smart city development in Santander, Spain. This small city has been visited from delegations from Microsoft, Japan’s NEC, IBM and Banco Santander, among others, who have come to see the results of 12,000 sensors that were installed as the result of an […]

Celebrating an Energy Efficient Browser on World Environment Day

On World Environment Day we have an opportunity to reflect on the progress made toward decreasing our environmental footprint and the environmental impact of our products. At Microsoft, we’re committed to developing software and technology that helps people and organizations reduce their impact on the environment, and today we’re proud to announce that Internet Explorer […]