This Week in Sustainability: New York Times Introduces New Climate Blog and the Rise of Environmental “Knowledge Journalists”

| Josh Henretig

clip_image002The New York Times has launched a new monthly column on climate change, penned by Justin Gillis, who has been an environmental science writer for The New York Times for over three years. Endorsed by Andrew Revkin, the creator of the publication’s Dot Earth blog, the new column “By Degrees” will show commitment and knowledge on the issue of climate change. The first column, “In Search of Energy Miracles,” was published on Tuesday and looked at technological and policy experimentation—from nuclear fission to carbon prices—that would help limit climate change. The New York Times experienced a strong response in January when it announced the closure of its Environmental Desk. The “By Degrees” column is a positive step toward increasing awareness of often complex sustainability issues.

And speaking of Andrew Revkin, he was included in a Forbes article on sustainability journalists that highlighted Bill McKibben, Tom Friedman and Andrew Revkin. A new study by a communications professor at American University refers to these individuals as “knowledge journalists,” or journalists who shape public debates and perceptions. They do this by offering unique and innovative perspectives as well as reporting outside the lines of a typical beat reporter—for these three journalists, their approaches have ranged from activist to business guru. McKibben, Friedman and Revkin all report on sustainability in addition to their more in-depth work on the topic, including authoring numerous books or teaching college courses. We appreciate good sustainability coverage and applaud those who support sustainability causes and efforts and work toward educating others as well.

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