Windows Store Features Energy Savings App

| Josh Henretig

clip_image002While the physical design of a device certainly plays an important role in how it consumes power, software can also influence power consumption based on how it is programmed to use the device’s CPU, disk and memory. Windows 8 has numerous features that help make it more energy efficient, but we are also starting to see specific applications on the Windows Store that are helping people understand and measure their Windows PC’s energy use.

Enter Microsoft Windows Energy Calculator, a free app from Green IT Software. The app lets you compare energy consumption across versions of Windows and different hardware configurations. It can also calculate how much money and energy can be saved from server virtualization. This is especially helpful for IT administrators managing multiple PC’s in an enterprise environment where small changes to PC configurations can yield big energy savings. And making comparisons to the rest of your carbon footprint is easy: the calculator will let you know how your PC’s configuration stacks up to taking cars off the road or other easy-to-understand metrics.

While the current version of the app is designed for a UK audience, you can update the cost of electricity in the app’s settings so that cost savings can be calculated in any currency, regardless of where you use your PC. Look for future versions of the app to include greater customization around currency.

You can check out the Microsoft Windows Energy Calculator here in the UK Windows Store. The team at Green IT Software is currently looking into plans to release the app in the U.S. Windows Store as well. Let us know in the comments how you’re using the app to save energy!

Updated (March 18): We have updated the blog post to reflect that this app is currently available only in the Windows Store for customers in the UK. Thanks to everyone in the comments for sharing their challenges with finding the app. We’re working with the team at Green IT Software to help make this app available to customers outside of the UK as well.

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