February 2013

This Week in Sustainability: Renewable Energy Storage and South Africa’s Carbon Tax

One of the great clean energy challenges of the next decade will be how to store energy generated from intermittent sources like solar and wind. Forbes reported this week on Greensmith, a four-year old start-up based in Maryland that’s trying to solve this problem. Greensmith is developing a software-based system that will work with the […]

Video: The Cloud Changes Everything

At Microsoft, we understand how quickly information technology impacts society. This video with chief environmental strategist Rob Bernard addresses how the cloud is at the forefront of transforming society—and why that’s good news for the environment. As both the global population and the number of people with access to technology continue to grow, we realize […]

This Week in Sustainability: Diageo’s Carbon Achievement and Renewable Energy Growth

Diageo North America has accomplished an amazing thing—it has cut its emissions by 80 percent in the past four years, reports the Harvard Business Review. Diageo’s sustainability team began by creating a thorough process of collecting ideas for emissions cuts and estimating costs. They then divided the ideas into three categories and sorted by the […]

How Scalable Cloud Solutions Can Reduce Cost

There is a significant amount of energy wasted by applications because of how they are designed and operated. Typically there are more than enough IT resources provisioned as a buffer to ensure performance, which leads to a lot of wasted energy when use for that application is low. Cloud computing platforms like Windows Azure provide […]

This Week in Sustainability- State of the Union, Sustainable Energy Factbook and Smart Cities

Last night, President Obama gave his fifth State of the Union, his first since being reelected last November. The Guardian reported on how the President tackled climate change in the address with his call that “if Congress won’t act soon to protect future generations, I will.” He vowed to push for more solar and wind […]

Microsoft’s TJ DiCaprio Talks About Progress on Carbon Pricing

Last week I sat down with my colleague TJ DiCaprio, a senior director of environmental sustainability at Microsoft and the chief architect of our internal carbon fee. Over the last six months, we’ve received lots of questions about how things are going, what we’ve learned and what’s next. What follows is an edited transcript of […]

This Week in Sustainability: Future of Smart Cities and the Next Week’s State of the Union

This week SmartPlanet reported on new research from Pike Research, which found that by 2020, the market value of the smart city industry will reach $20.3 billion, up from the current $6.3 billion value. It is expected that by 2050, there will be 6.3 billion people living in cities, making energy efficiency improvements all the […]

Join Microsoft at The Green Grid Forum 2013

By Mark Aggar Microsoft plays an important role as a board member company of The Green Grid, the premier global organization focused on improving resource efficiency in information technology and data centers. As such, I’d like to encourage you to attend The Green Grid Forum 2013 on March 5-6 at the Santa Clara Convention Center […]

Thanks to Solar Energy, Microsoft Provides Broadband Access to Rural Kenya

Today Microsoft is announcing a public-private collaboration that will deliver low-cost, off-the-grid wireless broadband access to previously unserved locations in rural Kenya—and will do it with the help of solar power. To deliver broadband to rural locations, the project taps into unused portions of wireless spectrum in the television frequency band—it turns out these so-called […]

This Week in Sustainability: Seattle’s Bullitt Center and How the Super Bowl Impacts Energy Use

Earth911.com reports that in April, Seattle will be the home of the ‘Greenest Office Building in the World.’ Scheduled to open on Earth Day of this year, The Bullitt Center is a six-story, 50,000-square-foot building in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, just outside downtown. The building will feature solar panels for energy, water from a harvested […]