July 2012

This Week In Sustainability – Week of July 23

Finance Initiative, the International Institute for Sustainable Development, and the Blended Capital Group which argued that economic stability can only be achieved if environmental sustainability is factored into policy and financial risk analysis. Issues like climate change, resource depletion, and ecosystems destruction, the report argues, increase long-term risks that financial managers and policymakers rarely assess […]

Q4 Environmental Sustainability Action Award Winner

Each quarter, the company gives out an Environmental Sustainability Action Award in recognition of an employee or team who has shown leadership, exemplifying how Microsoft and its employees can have a positive impact. These leaders help us improve not only the way we run our business, but also the ways our products and services can […]

This Week In Sustainability – Week of July 16

This week, Environmental Leader published an interesting article highlighting LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) green building certification. The article, by John Collins, looks specifically at how certification (which relies on seven focus areas including sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality, innovation and design, and regional credits) […]

How Microsoft Reduces Company PCs’ Environmental Impact

Microsoft released a new article last month outlining how Microsoft IT reduces the environmental impact of PCs used at Microsoft. All PCs must meet the follow criteria: Designed for efficiency: All PCs included in the Microsoft IT Client Standards List must meet Energy Star, Climate Savers, 80 Plus, and EPEAT Gold requirements. Consume power only […]

This Week In Sustainability – Week of July 9

The European Union is upping its stake in environmental sustainability innovation by offering €365 million to tech companies for research and development “that will transform urban areas into sustainable ‘smart cities and communities.’” As GigaOm reports, funding from the EU can help promote investment from the private sector as well as public. The EU is […]

Imagine Cup Worldwide Finalists Tackle Sustainability

The Imagine Cup 2012 Worldwide Finals are taking place in Sydney, Australia, this week, where more than 350 young people from 75 countries are taking part in the annual technology competition. Like with the U.S. competition last month, environmental sustainability is a predominant theme among projects, with nearly half (49 percent) of all projects, and […]

And We’re Off – Microsoft’s Carbon Fee is Underway

After announcing our carbon neutrality commitment in May, Microsoft’s internal carbon fee—the cornerstone of our commitment to neutrality—went into effect last week with the beginning of our 2013 fiscal year. Moving forward, every flight that a Microsoft employee takes will include a carbon fee that will offset the emissions of that flight. Each business group […]

Eye on Earth Network Launched at RIO+20

Today’s blog is a repost from our colleague Shoshanna Budzianowski (@shoshe) who’s team is responsible for developing the Eye on Earth Network in partnership with Esri and the European Environmental Agency. Enjoy! Eye on Earth Network Launched at RIO+20 (post here on Monday, June 25th) I’ve been selfishly waiting to complete the launch of Eye […]