Microsoft Announces the 2012 Sustainability Partner of the Year

| Guest Contributor

By Kat Willson

The Microsoft Sustainability Partner of the Year Award recognizes exceptional partners who have delivered software and technology innovations built on the Microsoft platform that help people and organizations around the world reduce their impact on the environment.

We are pleased to share the news that from among a highly competitive field of nominations from around the world, we have a Winner and two Finalists:


Iconics, Inc. is the developer of AnalytiX™: a suite of products that transform large amounts of real-time data from manufacturing and facility operations into actionable intelligence.  The AnalytiX Suite helps campuses and large facilities – including commercial offices, datacenters, retail and electric and water utilities – reduce energy costs and consumption, and curtail carbon-based greenhouse gases.  Industry experts estimate that businesses spend about US$100 billion on energy for their offices every year in the US alone.  Iconics’ customers have realized significant reductions in cost, energy consumption and emissions, while also realizing increases service reliability, all with payback periods of less than 2 years.  To deliver these intelligence and efficiency capabilities at scale, Iconics relies on Microsoft’s Enterprise platform, including the Microsoft Smart Energy Reference Architecture (SERA).


Accenture and Avanade work together to deliver innovative technology solutions and expertise across the Microsoft platform. TheAccenture Smart Building Solution uses technologies from the Microsoft stack to provide analytics capabilities that are able to achieve significant building energy performance improvements, not only in the energy used, but in the way that maintenance is scheduled and managed, driving more proactive, effective and efficient deployment of resources.  The solution places a layer of analytical capabilities on top of an existing building’s management systems. By making optimal use of the data collected by systems and sensors, organizations using the Accenture Smart Building Solution have been able to reshape the way that their buildings are used generating direct, bottom-line business benefits.


Esri is the worldwide leader in geographic information systems (GIS). Its ArcGIS software is itself a platform for solutions for hundreds of thousands of companies and government agencies, including solutions for reforestation, animal preservation, and water management.  The new Eye on Earth network is an online community and application development platform.  The network provides a collaborative environment for hosting, sharing and discovering environmental data and is intended to promote the principles of public data access.  Built using Esri’s ArcGIS Online cloud services coupled with Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Azure, Eye on Earth provides a central location for organizations to manage their geospatial content in a security-enhanced environment. Users can create and share intelligent maps within the organization, keep content private, or share it with others outside the organization. It also gives users the capability to publish their data sets as web-accessible services. By hosting the data with Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Azure, Eye on Earth is able to offer the necessary scalability to accommodate large increases in volume of data and users.

We congratulate our Winner and Finalists and thank all of our nominated partners who demonstrated impressive solutions and services that are helping their customers achieve their sustainability goals!

We look forward to seeing our partners at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from July 8th-12th.  Registration is still open at  We hope to see you there!

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