February 2012

Data Visualization Reaches New Heights with Layerscape

Microsoft Research has just released a new way to convey earth-science concepts. It’s called Layerscape, a data visualization engine that was originally developed as WorldWide Telescope (WWT), an astronomical observatory housed within your PC. WWT was and is a wonderful tool for exploring the heavens, but WWT has expanded beyond astronomy, adding, among other things, a careful […]

Making Windows 8 Fast, Fluid and Efficient

In June 2011, we released a whitepaper called “The IT Energy Efficiency Imperative” that explores the critical importance and substantial benefits of embracing IT energy efficiency in a world where almost every facet of business and society is dependent on IT-based services. We highlighted why increasing IT resource utilization from today’s low levels offers some […]

Q2 Environmental Sustainability Action Award Winner

Each quarter, Microsoft gives out an Environmental Sustainability Action Award, along with a donation to an environmental charity of the winner’s choice, in recognition of an employee or team who has shown leadership and provides an inspiring example of how Microsoft and its employees can have a positive impact and change not only on the […]

Transforming the World with ICT

In June the United Nations will convene the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, also known as Rio 2012 or Rio+20, hosted by Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, as a 20-year follow-up to the historic 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) that was held in the same city. In the years since […]