January 2012

7 of the Best Windows Phone Apps for Staying Green

Windows Phone Marketplace now boasts 60,000+ apps, and with new phones from Nokia and HTC there are plenty of reasons to get on board with Windows Phone. But the Windows Phone can also help you live more sustainability. I’ve scoured Windows Marketplace to find some of the best Windows Phone apps to make your time […]

PC Makers Going Greener

PC manufacturers today are looking at a range of ways to reduce the impact and lighten the load technology places on the environment. From the software to the circuitry, all the way through how the PC is handled and shipped, the tech industry today is constantly looking for ways to make the PC ecosystem greener. […]

Reducing Carbon Emissions Through Microsoft Store Online and the Cloud

Using the download only service from MS Store could save a user up to 83% in terms of carbon emissions when compared to the more traditional fully packaged product distribution, shows a new research article from leading journal, ‘Environmental Science & Technology’. The article was co-authored by Dan Williams, Environmental Sustainability Research Manager at Microsoft […]