Enterprise Social Resource Center

New Resource Center brings social smarts to business leaders

Building on the vision to empower companies to work like a network, the Enterprise Social Resource Center is now available to help business leaders and decision makers … Read more »

Yammer helps British Gas unite more than 11,000 employees

A recent story on simply-communicate.com about British Gas reveals how the United Kingdom’s largest energy and home services company used Yammer to break down internal … Read more »


Use FaceGame on Yammer to put names to faces

Within Yammer, you can now use the FaceGame app to help you place names to co-workers’ faces. It’s a simple 30-second challenge that helps you … Read more »

More #YamTips to help you with Yammer

When you follow the Yammer Twitter account, you’ll get YamTips — shortcuts and tips that make Yammer more efficient for you. For example, you can press … Read more »

New sample code helps companies integrate Yammer with Salesforce.com

Yammer has introduced a new sample code solution that gives customers an easy way to integrate Yammer with Salesforce.