Microsoft broadens the spectrum through hiring program

 |   Deborah Bach

YouTube Video

Joey Chemis had advanced skills in math and was excited to put them to use, but he couldn’t get job interviews. Chemis was working minimum-wage jobs but knew he was “destined for something more.”

Chemis came to work at Microsoft through the company’s program to recruit and hire people with autism, which launched two years ago. The program is part of Microsoft’s broader inclusive hiring for people with disabilities. The initiative is built on the belief that for technology to truly help people achieve their potential, it has to be able to help everyone, and the people creating that technology must reflect the people who will use it.

“By having people with disabilities in the fabric of our company, (we’re) building in a diverse workforce that then represents the one billion people with disabilities out there,” said Jennie Lay-Flurrie, Microsoft’s chief accessibility officer. “We’re going to be building better products, better services, websites … anything we do will work across the spectrum of being human.”

Watch the video above and read more on the Microsoft Life blog.