Microsoft announces new Azure partnerships with media and cable organizations

 |   Suzanne Choney

At the International Broadcasting Convention conference, now underway in Amsterdam, Microsoft announced new Azure partnerships with media and cable organizations.

“Whether helping organizations move their focus away from infrastructure to content, distributing content with digital era velocity, or providing reliable and relevant content, Microsoft Azure is the trusted and global-scale cloud for the media industry’s needs,” writes Sudheer Sirivara, Azure Media and Azure CDN Services partner director.

Among the new partners are Amagi and axle Video. “Amagi, which provides cloud-managed broadcast services and targeted advertising solutions, announced that their CLOUDPORT product, a cloud playout platform, can now be deployed on Microsoft Azure,” Sirivara says, while “axle Video, which provides Media Management solution, announced a deep integration with Microsoft Video Indexer to enhance their axle ai product.”

To learn more, visit the Microsoft Azure Blog.

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