Teachers: How you can use game design – yes, game design! – in the classroom for serious learning

 |   Suzanne Choney

Photo of Minecraft Education Edition on laptop computer screen in classroom

Games aren’t just for playing; they’re also for critical thinking, and creating games in the classroom can be a valuable tool for students to do just that. Teachers don’t have to be game designers to make that happen; there are Microsoft tools that can help, writes Garrett Zimmer, game-based learning professional, on the Microsoft Education blog.

Among them is “Minecraft: Education Edition,” Zimmer says. “Getting started with students and Minecraft is super easy and, since many of them already know the game, it’s a natural extension of the way they play it at home.”

There’s also Touch Develop, app development software that allows students and educators to create apps, both for the web and mobile devices, without having to be an expert. Another tool, Microsoft’s MakeCode, is a follow-up iteration to the Touch Develop platform. “This program allows students and teachers to code a variety of ways, using electronics like the BBC micro:bit, AdaFruit (Arduino) and a few more,” Zimmer writes.

Read Zimmer’s post on the Microsoft Education blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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