Surface-powered custom kit takes electronic artist Alison Wonderland’s live act to a new level

 |   Deborah Bach

As DJ and producer Alison Wonderland was developing a new stage show for her summer tour, Microsoft was looking to create an interactive tool to give electronic artists like Wonderland greater control over their onstage visuals.

Microsoft worked with Wonderland to develop a custom performance kit that provides a compact, user-friendly solution geared for touring. Powered by a Surface laptop, the kit allows Wonderland’s visual designer to touch the screen and add Kinect camera-powered images to make Wonderland look like she’s swirling in a tornado or equipped with giant red wings.

Amy Sorokas, director of Brand Studios for Microsoft, says Wonderland’s use of technology and dynamic performing style made her an ideal artist for the collaboration.

“She’s interested in what technology can do, and she’s also very interested in what her visuals look like, what the story is around those, and how it all comes to life,” says Sorokas. “She has a strong visual identity. So being able to bring those elements together was a really great natural fit.”

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Deborah Bach
Microsoft News Center Staff