T-Mobile Tuesdays delivers thanks to millions of customers each week with the help of Microsoft’s cloud

 |   Microsoft News Center Staff

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Wireless providers have traditionally worked to build customer loyalty with reward programs that offer points redeemable for discounted items. But T-Mobile, also known as the “Un-carrier” for disrupting the industry and eliminating customer pain points, flipped the customer loyalty game on its head a year ago with the launch of T-Mobile Tuesdays.

T-Mobile Tuesdays doesn’t beguile customers with points to earn; it offers free stuff and great deals. Each week, customers can check the T-Mobile Tuesdays mobile app and receive a selection of rotating gifts from companies like Wendy’s, Papa John’s, Redbox, VUDU, Lyft and more. In the past year, customers have snapped up more than 40 million gifts.

The innovative T-Mobile Tuesdays mobile app uses Microsoft’s cloud, specifically leveraging the Microsoft Azure platform as a service (PaaS). The PaaS helps T-Mobile Tuesdays scale up and down to meet weekly demand with security and reliability.

“To make sure millions of customers receive their free gifts every Tuesday, we knew we needed a cloud-based solution that could manage thousands of redemption requests per second,” says Cody Sanford, executive vice president and CIO of T-Mobile. “Microsoft Azure delivers the scale and security of the cloud with the agility we require to deliver a fantastic customer experience.”

T-Mobile Tuesdays allows T-Mobile customers to redeem and receive their gifts directly via the app, and the app manages multiple deals, so it’s easy to keep track of the gifts received each week.

“In today’s always-on world, more and more consumers expect near-instant gratification. Microsoft is pleased that with Microsoft Azure platform as a service, the T-Mobile Tuesdays app works efficiently and securely for millions of customers,” says Judson Althoff, Microsoft Executive Vice President of Worldwide Commercial Business.

For T-Mobile, treating customers the way they should be treated is core to the company’s values. “With T-Mobile Tuesdays, we show our loyalty to our customers every single week with awesome free stuff. The app makes it incredibly easy for customers to receive their free gifts,” Sanford says.

T-Mobile is not alone in increasing its customer engagement through technology. From instant response through social media to on-demand customer service and online digital experiences, customers expect companies to be “on” 24/7. In this era of digital transformation, one of the top priorities of digital leaders is to create exceptional, highly relevant customer experiences. In fact, in a recently published research report by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services, 40 percent of respondents named it their No. 1 priority — nearly twice as many as the number of people who named the next-highest ranked priority of enhancing operations.

“One of the exciting parts of the T-Mobile Tuesdays story is how they are leveraging cloud services as a platform and engaging millions of customers in an entirely new way every week,” says Althoff.

Every week there are more gifts for T-Mobile customers. Check out www.T-MobileTuesdays.com to see this week’s offering.


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