New features in Azure SQL Database save time, pause index rebuild and more

Jul 17, 2017   |   Bill Briggs

Resumable Online Index Rebuild (ROIR) is now available for public preview in Azure SQL Database (DB), allowing users to rebuild indexes with a small amount of log space.

The feature also lets users pause an ongoing index rebuild operation for later resumption. In addition, you can continue an index rebuild operation following an index rebuild failure, which saves significant time.

Microsoft also announced Monday that database-scoped global temporary tables are in public preview for Azure SQL DB. Rather than being shared across all databases on a server, the tables are scoped to a specific database and shared among all users’ sessions within that same database, writes Mirek Sztajno, senior program manager for SQL Server Security.

Visit the Microsoft Azure Blog to learn more about these two updates.

Bill Briggs
Microsoft News Center Staff

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