New Microsoft Research AI hub will focus on solving some of AI’s most difficult challenges

Photo of Harry Shum speaking and gesturing onstage

On Wednesday, Microsoft Research AI was announced as a research and incubation hub within Microsoft that will focus on solving some of the most difficult challenges of AI (artificial intelligence).

A team of scientists and engineers will work closely with colleagues across Microsoft’s research labs and product groups. “The group will tackle some of the hardest problems in AI and accelerate the integration of the latest AI advances into products and services that benefit customers and society,” writes Harry Shum, executive vice president of Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence and Research group, on The Official Microsoft Blog.

The announcement was made at an AI event in London, held, in part, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Microsoft’s Cambridge, U.K., research lab.

“Another core goal of Microsoft Research AI is to reunite AI research endeavors such as machine learning, perception and natural language processing that have evolved over time into separate fields of research,” Shum writes. “This integrated approach will allow us to develop sophisticated understandings and tools that can help people do complex, multifaceted tasks. For example, using this approach we can create methods and systems that understand language and take action based on that understanding.”

Read Shum’s post on The Official Microsoft Blog and learn more about the news announced at the London AI event at Microsoft News Centre UK.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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