Teaching empathy with the Human Differences project and Skype in the Classroom

 |   Vanessa Ho

Students smile and hold colorful posters in a classroom near a laptop and screen projector

Developed by teachers Koen Timmers and Tammy Dunbar, the Human Differences project uses Skype in the Classroom to teach students empathy and global understanding. The program helps students create connections, explore gender inequality and learn about other cultures.

“My students loved finding out that students in Romania know how to ‘dab’ and that students in Vietnam love baseball, too,” says Dunbar, who, like Timmers, is a Skype Master Teacher and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert.

“When you make connections with others around the world, that bond creates not only friendship but empathy and compassion.”

Learn more about the Human Differences project on the Skype blog.

Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff