Now available: Walkthrough shows how to use Microsoft Machine Learning Services with SQL Server

Jun 16, 2017   |   Deborah Bach

A new walkthrough is available to give programmers hands-on experience in using Microsoft Machine Learning Services to build a solution in SQL Server.

The walkthrough, which provides an end-to-end data science solution for predictive modeling, shows how to incorporate Python into an application by adding Python code to stored procedures. It’s based on the New York City taxi dataset, a popular public dataset, and uses a combination of Python code, SQL Server data, custom SQL functions and stored procedures to build a classification model that predicts the probability that a driver will get a tip on a given cab ride. In the end, it deploys the Python model to SQL Server and uses server data to generate scores based on the model.

Learn more on the Cortana Intelligence and Machine Learning Blog.

Deborah Bach
Microsoft News Center Staff