How Microsoft helped the FTC combat tech support scams worldwide

 |   Deborah Bach

When the Federal Trade Commission announced a major crackdown on tech support scams worldwide last month, it was relying in part on work done by Microsoft.

Microsoft researchers and Digital Crimes Unit investigators used artificial intelligence to help unravel a complex web of technical tricks that scammers were using to swindle users and avoid law enforcement. But the scammers weren’t easy to track down.

“These people are very clever,” says Chris White, a principal researcher at Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, research lab who collaborated with the company’s Digital Crimes Unit to help track down the scammers.

And they were becoming a real headache for users. Microsoft’s Digital Crimes Unit, which tracks and prevents cybercrime, receives at least 10,000 complaints a month from around the world about pop-up ads and telemarketers claiming to be legitimate tech support representatives.

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Deborah Bach
Microsoft News Center Staff

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