How an Amish student sent books to refugees in Kenya with Skype in the Classroom

 |   Vanessa Ho

Amish student Regina Schwartz

As a member of an Amish community, Regina Schwartz doesn’t use electricity or technology at home, but as an 8th grader at NorthWood Middle School in Wakarusa, Indiana, she uses Skype in the Classroom to learn about the world.

It was a Skype call with a refugee camp in Kenya that inspired Regina to start a book drive for schools in the camp. She loves Skype in the Classroom for its ability to transport her to different places and learn about new things, from shark adaptations to Civil War artifacts.

“Skype has taken me places that I could only dream of visiting,” writes Regina, who also did a fundraiser to help girls in Nepal. “Through these Skype connections, I’ve discovered that there are many global problems, and I realized that I want to help make a difference.”

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Vanessa Ho
Microsoft News Center Staff