How local governments leverage Microsoft cloud is topic at this week’s Smart Cities NYC ’17

 |   Suzanne Choney

Illustration of a bus on a city street with buildings in background

Microsoft is the premier sponsor of Smart Cities NYC ’17, a first-of-its-kind event May 3-6 focused on the intersection of technology and urban life. Michael Donlan, Microsoft vice president for U.S. State and Local Government, will moderate a panel discussion at the conference about how smart cities are leveraging the cloud to better serve constituents.

The conference is an “ideal match for our Microsoft CityNext initiative, which we started in 2013 to empower more sustainable, prosperous and economically competitive cities,” Donlan writes in a blog post.

“We’ll look forward to discussing more cloud-based solutions at Smart Cities NYC ’17 and demonstrating our Azure and Azure Government platforms, which support nearly 6 million government users across 7,000-plus federal, state and local organizations, and fulfill stringent security and compliance requirements,” Donlan says.

To learn more, visit the Microsoft in Government blog.

Suzanne Choney
Microsoft News Center Staff

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