Tetra Pak turns to the cloud and HoloLens to keep food on your table

 |   Bill Briggs

When one part fails at a food-packaging plant, it can potentially take the entire operation offline for days, jeopardizing perishable products and costing companies big bucks.

To prevent such disruptions across the food industry, packaging pioneer Tetra Pak is employing new digital tools that enable its cloud-connected machines to predict exactly when equipment needs maintenance, averting many breakdowns. When repairs are needed, Tetra Pak service engineers use HoloLens headsets to more quickly diagnose and fix machine issues, even in the most remote locations.

The Swedish company is transforming the services it offers to food and beverage manufactures in more than 175 countries.

“We will take over a lot of risk on behalf of our customers. To do that, we need cutting-edge technologies to control and minimize these risks,” says Johan Nilsson, vice president of Tetra Pak Services. “When you have plants around the world, the service knowledge we gain from one plant comes to benefit another. This prevents issues from happening.”

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Bill Briggs
Microsoft News Center Staff